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Kansas City Metal Roof Repair

Many property owners choose metal roofs for either commercial or residential buildings due to their extreme durability. On average, their lifespan can extend for up to 50 years or more. However, no roof is invincible to damage. If you see any sign of deterioration, get a Kansas City metal roof repair project going as quickly as you can.

Roofing Repair Services

Although metal roofs are used initially on commercial and historical buildings, homeowners are now investing in them due to their justifiable cost. As the housing cost increases, families tend to stay in, renovate, and repair their houses rather than move. This makes metal roofing a wise investment due to how long it will last.

Aside from durability, metal roofs are also popular because they’re low-maintenance. Unfortunately, even materials as strong as the metal will still require repair after being exposed to various elements. Harsh weather conditions and falling debris are just some of the things that could damage your metal roof. And when that happens, you will put either your business, your house, or your family at risk.

That is what Kansas City Roofing Company, LLC swears to stop!

With our team of professional roof repairmen, we want to help every property owner in Kansas City keep their metal roofs in top condition. We can handle any damage, no matter how small or big it is. Whenever your metal roof starts showing signs of wear, no matter how little at the beginning, we will act on it as soon as possible.

With Kansas City Roofing Company, LLC, you are guaranteed high-quality workmanship that utilizes no less than top-grade roofing materials. Rest assured, your roof will be back in its high-performing self shortly after we take a good look at it.

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Signs That You Need Metal Roof Repair

If you’re not sure whether you need to get your metal roof repaired, here are some signs that will help you know for certain:

Metal Roof Repair

Tears and punctures.

Metal roofs are strong enough to handle people walking on it. However, it is still best not to put too much weight on the roof. This is because sometimes when work is being done on your building, walking on your metal roof will produce tears or punctures.

If this is the case for you, you need a Kansas City metal roof repair contractor to fix it.

Loose seams.

As weather and temperature changes, your metal roof will start expanding and contracting. This can lead to loose screws and separation between metals.

If your roof has loose seams, water may seep through and cause leakage. However, if you’re doing the routine inspection and find loose screws early on, this problem will have an easy fix.


This won’t likely happen if seasoned professionals installed your metal roof. However, this thing still rarely happens, especially when harsh, blowing winds hit.

Fortunately, you can avoid spending a great amount of money on fixing this problem if you promptly repair loose gaps and seams, as well as ensure that the roof’s flashing is attached correctly.

Additionally, to ensure that you prevent your metal roof from blowing off, you can avail of our annual roofing inspection service.

Rust and corrosion.

Upon installation, a non-corrosive sealant should be applied to your roof to protect it from wetness. Unfortunately, this seal could either be damaged overtime or improperly applied in the first place.

Also, if more than one type of metal was used on your roof, contact between these metals may lead to corrosion. This is the reason why aluminum should never come in contact with copper.

So if you see any sign of rust or corrosion on your roof, contact a professional to identify the main cause of the problem. That way, a more appropriate metal roof repair process will be done, especially if there are more serious problems causing the corrosion.

Damaged sealant.

The seams and edges of your metal roof were applied with seals to prevent water damage. Even if the metal roof itself will last between five and ten decades, sealants won’t last longer than two.

Harsh weather conditions will deteriorate your sealants faster. To prevent more significant damages in need of metal roof repair, it is best to replace the seals every 20 years.

Worn paint.

Roofers use paint as an additional waterproof coating for your metal roof. However, paints are prone to be chipped or dented because of falling debris. Constantly changing temperature will also cause the wearing out of your roof paint.

So if you see signs of chipping or thinning of paint, make sure to schedule an immediate metal roof repair. If not addressed fast enough, this problem could even lead to rusting.

Best Kansas City Metal Roof Repair

Roofing Repair CompanyDespite using one of the most durable roofing materials, metal roofs will still need regular inspections and repairs. That is where Kansas City Roofing Company, LLC can offer great help.

For years, we have been helping property owners give proper care and maintenance to their metal roofs. Our team of experienced roof repairmen won’t just fix your problems and leave. They will also guide you on how to make your metal roofs reach their maximum lifespan.

Kansas City Roofing Company, LLC takes pride in the friendliness of our staff and the quality of our craft. You can talk to us anytime, and our Kansas City, MO metal roof repair team will be right there with you to fix your roof damage.

Rest assured, we never use low-grade materials in repairing your metal roof. We also begin and end our repair process with an in-depth inspection and assessment of your roof status. Aside from that, we will never leave you wondering what’s going on with your roof. Whatever progress and issue we come across with, we will keep you updated.

To top it all off, we will also provide you with a detailed quotation so you know exactly where your roofing investment is going.

Free Consultation & Estimate

Kansas City Metal Roof Repair logo 1 1 150x150Don’t be too complacent about the sturdiness of your metal roof. Everything still needs regular maintenance to stay in their best state and fulfill their maximum potential.

So whenever you notice any damage or feel like it’s time to get your metal roof checked, don’t hesitate to get the services of our Kansas City metal roof repair experts.

Never wait until you already need a huge amount of money to fix the damages on your roof.

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